Hey guys....we have a job at work on a set of stairs. We have prints but cant really use all the info on them. So, Im going to give you some info and if you need more just ask. The stairs are steel, they go up to a steel platform, and then 180 degrees go up again. Both sets are supposed to be the same....

Total rise: 80.25"

Total run: 101.75"

There are 10 steps that are 2"x10". The stringer is 12"x3". From the floor to the first step needs to be 8". The next 8 steps need to 7.25". Then from the last step to the top needs to be 6.5". Dont ask why, its just what it shows. It shows 10" from toe to toe of the steps. The steel will all be wrapped in wood at a later time.

I dont have prints for you to look at, sorry. We wound up using 36 degrees for laying out steps. The front of the step needs to be 2" in from the stringer and 1.25" down....im pretty sure. We came up with 129.5" for the diagnal, and 124.5" on the stringer cut length. Were using a square with degree holders attached during layout. Sorry if my terminology is bad, or spelling, lol. I only made a few set of stairs before and they were all constant so I could use my calculator. So if you need more info let me know, Thank you.