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    Default Ln 25 + 97 bobcat 225nt? ??

    When buying a ln25 for a 97 bobcat 225nt what do i need too look for or stay away from? I know i need it to have a gas contactor and a 300 amp gun. I am looking for abay cheapie then save for a better feeder. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Can't get much better than an LN-25.... Make sure it has Gas, and Contactor control, otherwise giver...

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    I bought my beat up LN-25 on Ebay a couple years back. i think I paid $300 and change for it for it over a holiday weekend, when nobody was watching their bids. Gun was a piece of crap. I converted a Bernard with a Miller back end with the Bernard kit. It has worked well and paid for itself many times over. I was leary of buying a non Miller feeder, but these are good machines. I used it on my XMT304 for a while until I got that feeder sorted as well, worked great on that too. Only thing I don't like about the Lincolns is that the parts are not as readily available, and the Lincoln product support is a wee bit behind the times (not as good as the Miller manuals available online and no Miller4less parts online for Lincoln.)

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    In my opinion the ln25 is absolultely the best box out there. I have had one for years and put many pounds of wire through it with virtually no prblems.

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