I visited my father this weekend and he gave me what looks to be an AIRCO Easy Arc AC/DC 250 Stick Welder for my shop. He can't remember if the welder works or not so hopefully it won't take to much to fix it if something is wrong.

It looks like the one in this picture:

Except the outside body of the welder is red and not blue. I'll have to take some pictures of it when I'm back home and post them on here.

This welder has to be from the 70s or 80s because I first learned to stick weld with this exact welder about 23 years ago. I've never heard of Airco before, were they made by another company back then?

Is there any info available for this welder online like wiring diagrams or anything that might help if I need to fix it?

Also, what size breaker should I run this ancient welder with? Somebody put an aftermarket plug and cord on the welder but it does say single phase on the front plate.

I will take some pictures of it when I get home since I am not 100% on the Airco model, but I know the AC/DC switch and the placement of the power ON/OFF and the current control knob look identical to those in the above picture.