JTMc, No offence taken about the Trail Blazer comment, My Foreman has a Trail Blazer on his truck and they are great welders and do a great job at laying down the wire, we might run his 40 hrs a week but that is not very common, We also do alot of work in our shop so his rig might only go on 2 jobs a week so I understand what Tryagn5 is saying.

I have a Pipe Pro 304 on my rig and it gets about 350 hrs a year on it.

Like tomorrow I'll be at the old Ford Plant that Inergy took over, I have to do some Tig stainless on a Helium filled test chamber so I'll be using my Maxstar 150 STL.

If I were just a portable welder without a shop than I could justify a bigger machine for his truck.

I have a friend of mine that is a 798 Pipe liner and he would get lauphed off the job if he brought a Trail blazer or a Ranger to the job, They are not designed to run 40-50 hrs a week year after year like the big machines.

The biggest thing that I hate about my Pipe Pro is that it screams when I get above 150 amps The new ones are 1800 rpm like the vantage.