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J. Hall, I've been told by some of my older buddies that the old 55s were the best or only wire machines back in the day.

However, I diddn't mention that because I thought it was alot of money for that old of a machine and I personally have never run one so I dont know how good they really are compared to the new machines.

Tryagn5, I'm guessing you have a crane and compressor for the weight you mentioned because thats exactly what my 550 weighs plus or minus a few hundred.
My truck is a 2002 f550, im currently removing the box on the 1997 and putting it on the 2002. My srv box is a maintainer box, 6000lb crane, hyd compressor, gas compressor, welder tools etc. Simply put these trucks get heavy fast. I forgot to mention that i would not make it on welding alone, i dontmknow what kind of welding he plans on doing, but i see no reason to run a welder any bigger than a tb325. I do some large repairs in the quarry and the tb275 is plenty of welder. Any larger of a welder would require a stepmup to 650/750 chassis. Since he asking about welders i doubt hencan afford that.