Hello. I purchased a Miller Bobcat 250NT with the Kohler engine, new about five years ago. After putting about six hours on the unit I put it into short-term storage and forgot about it for nearly five years. I pulled it out of storage and obviously the fuel had gone bad. Initially the welder wouldn't crank so I flushed the gas tank, changed the oil and flushed all of the hoses. I replaced the fuel filter and still got nothing. I disassembled and cleaned the fuel stop solenoid and now it starts and runs reliably. The only issue now is that it does not drop into low idle like its supposed to. I have not yet reassembled the encasement and do not yet have the breather assembly installed (didn't want to reassemble the unit if it isn't yet quite right) but am not aware of what (if any) affect this would have on the idle. Any ideas? Thanks!