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Thread: Table

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    Default Table

    Anyone have any unique welding table idea for a rookie ? Clamp slots etc.

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    Yes, If you mount a vise on it put the vise on a hinge so you can flop it off the table when you need to set something flat on the table thats bigger than the table.

    Depending on you situation you may or may not wheels.

    Make the top of the bench so its the same height as the other tables so when you need to push two tables together to make one you can.

    You may want to think about leveling bolts on the feet if you dont go with wheels.

    cast tables are usually nice and flat but you cant weld to them so keep that in mind.

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    Weld 2" receiver hitch tubing to the frame under the table top(Ihave 4 on mine), and mount accessories(bench vises,pipe vises,ring rollers,bench grinders pipe benders etc) to 2" tubing that slides into it, so you can add and remove things as needed. This way you can have them at table top height or remove them when you need the whole top surface. Then you can use these items in your receiver hitch on your truck also if you need to go mobile. You could even mount a small anvil on your table like this.

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