Hello ! Has anyone ever repaired a 350LX . INTERNAL coolant pump/motor assy?(7yrs old )
Voltage to the pump 240 ac is fine. The internal motor can assy. was dirty
and the motor ran very warm as to heat the cooling water output slightly.
Everything was cleaned and put back together including the aluminum pump head.
Do not understand what the little pin does inside the pump. It appears the pin clocks the two pump port discs that houses the impeller.
We try to prime the system per spec but the pump only clicks and the pump does not power up. Tried starting a arc(5 seconds) but pump does not come on and system faults to hlp 19 ?
There are no parts that are locked up as everything was cleaned. No damage to surface areas of pump/motor components.
Any clues to why the coolant motor does not come on ?