Hello everyone...just a quick question on a used plasma cutter I just picked up.

I found a really good deal on a Miller Spectrum 375 with ICE 27c torch head. I had to replace/splice the ground wire. I did it the correct way, with a yellow butt connector and 12 gauge wire. The old ground is about two feet out of the machine. I also disassembled the torch head and cleaned it out, I also wrapped electrical tape where I thought there could be issues (no shielding on spade connectors inside the torch head).

I also made sure I thoroughly cleaned the filter inside the machine itself. When I took the outer casing off the machine looked brand-new on the inside.

There is a problem when I try to cut with it. I got it to work "somewhat" on some stainless tubing. It was really really thin, and when I tried to cut it the arc seemed to die out...but it did make the cut although the pressure light was continuously blinking.

I hooked it up to a different air compressor at a different place and tried cutting again. Now, this is where it gets weird.....

I can tell the compressor is running and I go to set the air pressure and turn the output knob all the way to the left...I end up hearing air pulsing through the torch, then I set my output to cut the metal. When I try to cut, I can tell the arc wants start (actually it's just a spark) but it won't and the pressure light is blinking again.

Can anyone tell me what may be up with the machine? I'm leaning toward these little 5 gallon air compressors don't have enough behind them to power the machine. I deliberately left the shield loose on the tip and the cup light came one, so I think the machine is working correctly.

I thought this machine was a pilot start, and I should see arc starting no matter what...UNLESS there is a failsafe in the machine that prevents the arc from starting if there isn't the correct volume of air coming out of the torch.

....any ideas