I have an xmt 300 ( ka828890) that has no welding output. I took some time and did some searches on here to learn about the more common problems with these units before starting my own thread. I didn't find any post that exactly matched my case but i did learn about some things to check. my symptoms are

no output at the front of the machine regardless of where the switches are or whether or not pins A and B are jumpered on the 14 pin remote

Display displays -1 on the left side and does not change. it is dim on the right

Checked input voltage 245 and machine is properly (according to manual) configured for 220

The contactor switches five seconds after turning on and buzzes thereafter

I checked dc voltage on the output side of the sr1 and it was 330v

I did not see any obvious damage to the IGBTs or anything else for that matter

thanks for the help