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Thread: monster dumbell

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    Default monster dumbell

    Hi, really struggling to find a way to make these rounded dumbells, are they casted? I know the more crude ones are made from pipe. And if they are casted iron, would a regular iron mongers be able to make them. Does anyone know whats involved? Big money? I'm in Ireland.

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    Default bells

    Just a few pics of what I'm on about
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    Cast iron would be the cheapest way but you would need patterns or a buddy in a foundry. The round ones could be lathe turned from barstock but that wouldn't be real cheap. I have a ballturner that will do a 6" steel ball but i have never turned over 3". You could use small tank dome ends and get them pretty round by welding 2 end to end on each end with a bar between them but you would have to fill them with someting heavy to suit...Bob
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    i like the first pic, thats from the big boys gym, are you guys into power liffting

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    The third and fifth pictures look like weld caps back to back. Might be filled with lead and then welded. Waiting to hear about the others.

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    Some in your pictures are fabricated and some are cast. It depends on how many you need/want/can sell. If you only need only a few it is likely easier and cheaper to buy them. Over here there is a lot if that sort of thing available from the far east quite cheap. There are also some that have replaceable weights on a short bar. Some are hexagonal so they don't roll and could be cut from steel plate. If you are set on making your own I guess it depends on how well you are equipped, that is what tools are available to you? Lead will give you more weight/volume and is realatively easy to cast/weld and machine but the use of it is frowned upon on your side of the pond if I'm not mistaken. I don't know what the capabilities of your local iron monger are but cast iron is going to require a foundry as Bob said. You could also consider reinforced concrete on a bar with rebar welded to the bar. As long as you don't drop them on a hard surface they will give you weight and you can cast them in a reusable wooden form in whatever shape you like.

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    If you could find used kids bowling balls cheap, they come in different weights. Thread the ball, insert a stud, weld end plates on the end of a pipe handle and tap the end plates for the stud.

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    Here's one I made before with 12 inch pipe, 56kg empty, I ran the 2 inch bar/handle all the way through so I could add weights either end. I just really liked the look of the rounded (Thomas inch) style ones, real old school. Thanks all for the great input. I'll try and find a heavy duty foundry. It's just something I want to get done. The help on the forum has been very helpful, thanks again.
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    Default monster dumbell

    That's not me in that pic btw, I'm more handsome than that

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