First post on this site.

Probably should have thought of this site before I ever started down the road of this project.

Fast pass: I traded myself into a Bobcat 225 that I knew had sat out in the weather. The air cleaner was non-existent, which meant that the Onan Performer engine was going to need some love.

After checking on rebuild kits for the Performer, I tripped across a freshly refurbished 2 cylinder Onan diesel. Some guy had purchased a bunch of them from military surplus auction.

Rotation of the diesel is correct for the Bobcat.

I have yet to separate the Onan gas engine from the generation unit as it appears I need to pull both as a unit from the Bobcat frame and then remove the loooooong bolts that run from front of generation/power unit, through the back and into the Onan Performer.

Although I am partial to diesel power, if the consensus is to stick with the Onan gas engine - I will whole heartedly listen. I am not interested in creating the next Batmobile - just looking to get this welder running.

If gas: any recommendations for affordable rebuild kits on the Onan Performer?

If diesel: any guidance/recommendations on how to come off the flywheel of the Onan diesel and connect to the power unit?

From what I have briefly read, the Onan Performer has a tapered snout shaft that runs off "front" of engine.

Under the statement that: Anything can be accomplished with enough money and time.......................I am - unfortunately - a little short on both right now. Any insight on best path from point A to running welder - would be great.

Thanks in advance.