hey, before i start this thread i would like to make sure mention that yes ductile iron and cast iron are not the same(they are similar).... cast iron is very strong and has basically zero malleability, ductile iron (well the name says it and also known as nodular iron) is very similar to cast iron but has the addition of magnesium which makes it much tougher and malleable.

so basically i dont know if anyone has ever welded ductile iron, but if you have your comments will be appreciated and if haven't well some day you might have this problem so it could be interesting to read... Now i have recently started welding this material with an arc welder and 92% nickel based electrodes (z308). it took me a while to find out what electrodes to use since the cast electrodes just wouldnt work... they would crack wight down the center of the weld or at the foot of the weld... so once i got the proper electrodes everything went well but now i have too much production and cant keep up with the arc welder so i am going with the GMAW/FCAW but i have no idea what electrode/wire to use.... i have read most people use the NI55FC-G or royal 44-30 premium nickel wires but these are for cast iron and cast iron rods/electrodes crack with Ductile Iron... anyone has ever worked/GMAW OR FCAW welded Ductile Iron before??