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Thread: Syncrowave 200

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    Default Syncrowave 200

    Can't believe how much money I've spent on Millers over the last year. It all started with the itch to get the Maxstar 150. You can see my list below. The last machine to arrive is the Syncrowave 200. Several years ago, I had a Sync. 180SD. I loved it, but it appears this 200 has some improved added features. Right now it's a hobby helping out friends, and my own projects. The power of blue can become a real addictive habit. No regrets here.
    Syncrowave 200
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    Also a hobbiest here...I did the same thing last year. I started with the 200 to learn TIG, then replaced my 12 yr old red 155 WeldPac withe the 211 Auto Set and lastly the Extreme 275.

    I still use the 211 the most - in fact only turned the 375 on once so far.

    I get very frustrated with the 200 and I half to let it rest for a while. I love the clean look of TIG welding, I just can't do it well....Most people said it was like gas welding with an electronic torch. Since I had been doing this for 30 yrs or so, I figured I would not have a problem - I thought wrong! Then I see the TIG like MIG thread and I really get pissed.
    Roger Troue

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    Miller 211
    Miller 200 Syncro
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