Let me start by saying I am obviously not a pro. I bought the multimatic last year and did some steel and it went pretty well but I definitely need more time with it.

But: I wanted to do aluminum and I am definitely doing something wrong in a major way. I have the spoolgun 100, 100% argon, I was trying to welding a 3/8" solid aluminum rod to a tube frame which is 1/16". Previously I had the same problem I will describe so when the results came out the same, I know I am missing something.

I used the regulator that came with the MM kit and have et it to between 10-20CF per hour.

Power was on 25volts and wire speed around 350.

The minute I lite up, it looks like gun is shooting a green flame, I never really can even properly see the arc or much of anything and it sounds like its breathing fire. I am doing electrode +.

The welds don't penetrate well at all, they are nearly instantly filthy and black soot all around.

I am not sure what I did wrong, when I learned on steel I could see some improvement, but I have tried this maybe 6 times now and I can't even get one single clean weld, they do penetrate some but they are about the worst I have ever seen.

I would appreciate any help you can give that could let me see what I have missed.