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The part that really baffles me is that it is called a "welding table", but I guess you can't really do much "welding" on it.
I have this table. It is good for little things. Mine warps too and I expected that given the thickness of the table top...was surprised you were surprised about this as well...give you've surely warped thicker stock welding it already. It is what it is...basically a portable, fully adjustable table that is conductive, fire resistant and light duty...for light duty work. I like mine despite the sweet shape shifting it does while using it. as somwone mentioned...if you have the space....it is a tremendous opportunity to build a true welding table with a thick top side....with drilled slots to clamp thru yadda yadda yadda....far as cust service goes.....unless the co is built with it in their culture its simply a low paying, high turnover job filled with dbags that are angry and rude......which is ironic to the position title itself! Good luck!