I purchased a Nomad portable welding table from Strong Hand Tools about a year ago. For the past 6 weeks or so, I have been having trouble with the table top warping when I weld on it. I am not a professional welder, just a hobbyist. Most of my welding consists of small projects around the house/garage and welding practice. I decided to contact them to see what they would do about my problem. I emailed them a week ago. I sent another email on Monday. On Tuesday, I called them on the phone and spoke with someone named Jeff, who said that in the thousands of tables that they've sold, he NEVER heard of the table warping before. He said that he would pass my contact info on to management and that someone would get back to me. At noon today, I still had not heard back from anyone so I decided to try to contact them via email one more time before I started this thread, but I see now that that was a waste of time.

The Strong Hand Tools Nomad Portable Welding Table is basically a piece of junk. I guess they must be doing so well that they don't feel that they need any customer service. I hope this makes people think twice about purchasing anything from Strong Hand Tools.