I'll be 65 yrs old this summer, boomer I be.

One of the advantages of the boomer thing is there is now enough of us out there to be a market for the sharper types to prey upon.

I've always hated safety glasses. And I have been having to use reading glasses for many years now, double doggone darn etc and so on.

My LWS has carried the ultimate product for men like myself for a couple of years now, safety glasses with built in readers, handier than a pocket on a shirt. I have the lanyard thing on them and carry them on my baseball cap, Garland Welding Supply Cap. When I need to use the phone or use the grinder down they come and I can see AND have eye protection.

Every now and then I will be at a box store and see a working man with his reading glasses looking consumables us welders use. I smile, if only he knew.

Here's a video where you can see what I'm talking about. http://changestreammedia.org/2012/11...vetiver-roots/