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    Default 15 foot lead on a 211?

    I priced one $195 yikes, but does it work well with .030 wire??

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    For what its worth,at the later part of the last century I use to run a little 90 amp Miller SideKick off my Miller Big 40. I had a Tweco 400 20' gun plugged into that SideKick and ran .030 through it,but it did struggle at times to push that thinner wire if the cable/hose was halfway straight.Worked great for combine repair.Funny I just scrapped that Sidekick last year,tough little welder.

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    I have asked this be for and I am told that the drive motors in the 211 will not hold up to a 15' gun. I have not seen a post here or on other forums from some who has a 15' gun an a 211. I now have a MM252 and use the 211 for small bench work, but it still would be nice to have a 15' gun on my 211.

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    i ran 15' bernard 180 guns on my last 2 MM140 welders. no problem whatsoever.
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    You'll require a single knurled drive roller to do it. And it seems kinda pointless for such a light machine, that you can move closer to the work.

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    I genuinely don't know what I'm talking about, so this is a real question:

    Can the SpoolMate be used with steel wire & a normal copper tip? I understand that the spoolgun is required because the drive in the machine won't push weak thin Aluminum thru the lead tube. And I understand that a normal MIG gun is smaller, lighter, & more ergonomic than a spoolgun when the wire is stiff enough to use a remote drive. But is there any reason a spoolgun CAN'T be used with steel wire? Is the programming in the machine for the weld parameters different for the spoolgun to cater to Aluminum, making it unsuitable for steel? Of course, I'm talking about leaving the 75/25 gas hooked up...

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