yes this is probably a long shot but i'm trying to find a decent price used 220v transformer to convert this machine to 220V from its 460v rating.

specs: Miller Econotig
460v phase 1 60Hz 33A
SN# LC028655
stk# 903368
build date: Feb 2002

long story short i have been looking forever for a decent TIG machine and have been having no luck until this one popped up. the owner told me it was a 220 machine and wouldn't work at his house since it was only wired for 110V. without realizing there is a 460V version i picked it up and started testing it, not knowing it was a 460v model. the welder is going to be used in my shop, on a commercial site but the building is only wired for 120/208. the shop has 2 220v outlets, 1 at 60A and the other at 80A.

it powers on but the fan runs slow and the foot pedal doesn't start the arc(obviously). the output from the 24V transformer is only 11V on the insufficient voltage coming in so nothing powers up correctly and almost nothing works so i can't thoroughly test it. it does fire if i manually kick over the contact box. the control board looks almost new, the rest is quite clean. i feel fairly confident it works fine but the reason i wound up with it being that 460v is quite uncommon, it was also a bare box(i was fine with buying new accessories if it worked ok with another test set from another Miller machine, i bought the foot control because i thought the RC14 control we used from a Miller syncrowave 150 was wired differently since it only had 5 pins utilized out the 14, now knowing all RC14s are the same).

so i feel i wasted my money and don't want to try and pass this problem off on someone else as i'm fairly sure some amount of dishonesty is how i wound up with it in the first place. now having bought a brand new foot controller to test it with i've already got about $500 into the machine, although i had a full tank of argon already. the torch is also missing but if i can get it working and tested with another torch i will put the machine to use. otherwise i'm going to take a sledge hammer to it because i have the worst luck with dishonest people.

if you have a 220v transformer from a broken machine you're willing to part with or know a workaround for making the 460v transformer work on 208v i would be appreciative.

to run 460v into the shop from the junction box(if it even has a 460v line to the building with a transformer on site is a $1.5k+ project at minimum), a stationary transformer to bump the voltage up to about 420v at the rated 15,000VA capacity starts at $500 not including installation and is underrated for the 460v requirement.

so right now i'm looking at a blue ornament wasting space. yes i should have known better but live and learn, for now i just have to keep with the 15 year old 130a mig machine that is about to quit. i should have just found a way to get the 180SD a few weeks ago but i don't have a truck.

just looking for input, whether i should try to salvage this thing somehow or destroy it and put it to the curb for a scrapper to collect so that it doesn't turn into someone else's headache. (after a little digging i'm not the only one who has wound up with one of these HV units and no way of actually using it without stupid amounts of money sunk in)