I just picked up a Trailblazer 250G with approximately 2000 hours on it sn KD505267. The engine runs well, but it is not making power. The man I got it from said it worked well when he got it and then it would no longer weld (properly?). He used it as a generator only for some time after that, at which point the generator ceased to function as well.

He said he had no electrical knowledge so he took the welder to a guy who was recommended to him. I don't know what this guy's area of expertise was, but the owner went back to get his welder and the guy told him he couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. When I pulled the side covers SR2(?) was flopping around, dismounted from the panel, I assume the "repairman" removed it.

I checked the two fuses I saw, they are both good.

I am going to call, on Monday, to get the correct technical manual for the machine. The one that was provided with it was for a JJ machine.

I was hoping to get a jump on the troubleshooting process this weekend while the weather is nice.

Thanks for any and all help.