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Thread: Dynasty 200 DX?

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    Default Dynasty 200 DX?

    I was wondering how the current model 200 dx does on the (AC welding) tail out on welding. I never liked the way the older model tapered out the arc. In fact I hated to with a passion. Does the soft sq wave arc help calm that issue down some? It's a pretty mature design by now, but I have not welded with one for about 6 years or so.. I am thinking of a small ac/dc tig, and there is quite a few options. I would not need anything but the machine itself, because I have the rest of the things to make it work... That right there makes the machine more in line with the others in cost, so it makes it sort of pencil out.. The HTP 211 holds some interest too. and I would save about $500.00 (Don't care about 120 volt use) Over time the $500.00 difference will fade pretty quick too. You would always get it out on the other end anyway.. (Miller good that way, and the dynasty 200 is one of their best in resale value)

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    None of mine taper out, or unintentional downslope, it you will. The arc characteristics of the 200DX are phenomenal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shovelon View Post
    None of mine taper out, or unintentional downslope, it you will. The arc characteristics of the 200DX are phenomenal.
    The early ones did, and Kevin that had both model/ Late/early says it was improved. I did not mean taper out, more like abrupt shut of too the arc at the very bottom (AC) Meter would be reading very low amps too. Way different then the Lincoln 205t and Arcmaster 185. (which I bought) Part of it was the very sharp sq wave I believe.. I learned I better weld with what I am buying, and then make the decision on what I can live with.. The early 200 dx was about the least favorite machine of those above.. I am sure the soft SQ wave arc setting is more to my liking overall.

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