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    Quote Originally Posted by WyoRoy View Post
    For home use air is not okay. TIG, or GTAW, welding uses an inert gas, typically Argon or Helium, as a shielding gas.

    A 30 amp 230v circuit will work for the Diversion 180, per the online owner's manual. Miller offers quite a lot of useful information if you will take the time to look in the Resources section at the top of the page.
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    Well, it depends what you have for a power supply. If you have 220 then I recommend an older Miller dialarc HF (Airco had the same one rebranded). Can be had for under $1000 used. I have a Diversion 165 which is a good hobby welded but now that I am doing more side work I would prefer something with ATLEAST a balance control and gas flow controls. Syncrowaves are good but draw a bit of power.

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    Thanks all...and darn auto correct (tight = tig). I see quite a bit on the Everlast equipment. Offshore which always bothers me and when I do spend more I'm never disappointed. But wondered for a entry level tig with some growth use...Everlast on the list at all?

    Regardless I'm thinking Miller as the 211 I bought is oh so nice a welder. And as the wife says...color matches my eyes???

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