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Thread: Steel Prices

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    Default Steel Prices

    I'm just a beginner and purchase little so I know I'm not going to get big boy discounts but I hope to be as frugal as possible about what I purchase. I almost had a heart attack the first time I went to the steel store (not Lowes/Home Depot).

    I've used this web site before just to get an idea of what something might cost as opposed to what I have to pay at the steel store. I don't buy here as the shipping makes it unreasonably priced for the little guy.

    I know prices vary a lot here and then and when, etc. but how much of a price guide can I assume this to be?
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    I used that exact website to see what I would be paying for a 2'x4'x1/4" steel plate...when I got to the local metal supplier the plate was less than half that sites quote (without calculating shipping) the shop you are going to buy from to get an accurate price
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    Tell us your location. Prices in your area will vary.

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    any thing from a buck a pound down to about 65 cents is a range that is most likely what you will run into, just guessing, of cource

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    You should consider scrap if thats available to you. I used to live very near an excellent scrap yard allowing me to rarely buy new. Depending on weight purchased, price varied between .25 and .35/lb. For sure you'll have to work w/i whats available but I didnt find that too difficult.

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    I found a pretty good source of steel about 10 miles NW of Chicago. He charged me $0.90/lb for anything I wanted. Lots of 1/8" up to 1 1/4" stuff. They build Industrial Machinery so they are mostly cut-offs and such, both large and small. He said he could also cut me some 1/8" or thicker plate and he would still charge the $0.90/lb. I didn't see much in the way of sheet steel, but his prices are the best I've found so far near me.

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