It's enough to make a whole bunch of my bad sides line up ready for a fight. I don't really want to buy a new hood when all I need is the cartridge if it is available.

I won the hood a couple of years ago from Miller in a welding contest and it has sentimental value besides the $350.00 replacement cost.

For twenty years or so I've kept the hood on the truck in a large plastic tool box. It keeps the hood dry and keeps it safe from other tools etc. A couple three weeks ago I used the box for a work bench while drilling some small holes in a piece of plate. Evidently a perfectly wrong 3/16" hole ended up unnoticed in the absolutely best bad place. The box had an inch of water in it when I reached for the hood last night.

Anyone know where I can buy just the cartridge?

I have an electronic Selstrom and a Jackson comparable to the Miller but I like the Miller best of all.