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    Default Problems with "new" syncrowave 200

    Hello this is my first post after some lurking and searching to find some solution to the problem I'm having. I apologize for the long post ahead of time. I bought a syncrowave 200 off Craigslist advertised as new. I already know how dumb I am for buying a welder from someone off CL without seeing it run. It did look like it had never been used not that that's a good excuse. After getting it home and setting everything up, I could no get it to run well. I downloaded the manual and read through it carefully to make sure I set up everything properly. I did check the run time and it showed "0 min". This made me feel somewhat better.

    Anyway, here is the problem: I can not get a good steady arc or puddle. There is a lot of popping and spattering and burning my tungsten. It is acting kind of like the gas is off. Or the switch is wrong position.

    Set to DCEN 50 amps
    gas set everywhere from 10-30 cfh
    I have checked for leaks with "snoop". I even pulled the back panel to check the valve. It looked perfect in there. I also pulled the side cover to make sure the switch was making solid contact.
    Good solid ground.
    Brand new cup and tungsten.
    It is set up on a designated 60 amp breaker.
    Argon is not contaminated. I even took the machine to the shop at work today to plug it in there and use the bottle in the shop.
    No luck!!! I am at a loss and the only welding repair shop in town has a month wait.

    Here is a video of it running

    Help please!! I'm stumped.

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