Last Fruday my Hypertherm plasma cutter showed up. Did a quick test drive on Saturday but had also bought an additional Hypertherm filter ($$$) and wanted to mount it before getting too carried away. Also only used in on 110 volts. But cut darn fine even on 110.

So on the weekend I mount the secondary filter... hook it up to 220 and figure I'll give it a try. So it cuts a couple inches and the arc just stops? Pull the trigger again...cuts a couple inches and stops??? Look over at the front panel and air is lights on that shouldn't flashing lights. So I'm thinking is this additional filter screwing something up? Did I accedently knock a wire off when I had the cover off? Out with the manual (you know its serious if a guy is reading instructions) and looking at the troubleshooting section. Nothing there... a real head scratched.

Then it hit me. Would probably work way better if I actually clamped the ground cable into the metal I was cutting! Back out to the shop...clamped on the ground and way she goes.

The only thing more amazing than it would cut at all minus the clamp is me admitting I forgot to put it on.

Going to make a sign for the cart that reads "Put Ground Clamp On Workpiece".