Plasma arc gouging works extrmely well for blowing out welds. It is easy to control the depth and width, very easy and fast. Many newer technology air plasma torchs have special gouging nozzle that create a softer arc....made specifically for gouging.
Jim Colt

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I need to cut several stitch welds to remove some casters off the bottom of a cart. I used an angle grinder to cut some of them. I then switched to a mini die grinder to get in some tighter spots; that grinder was very weak. But I still need to remove some more.

The picture shows the tight spot they are in. I cannot get a grinding disc in there and I cannot get a sawzall blade under the caster base.

Can I bust them out with a cold chisel?

I did some reading on arc gouging and plasma cutting but I don't want to buy that kind of equipment just yet.

One post I researched mentioned using a stick welder turned up high and using a conventional rod to melt the weld, and letting gravity do the rest. I have a Thunderbolt AC/DC. Can I do this with the supply of rods I have on hand (I do not know what they are; they came with a welder)? Or do I have to buy some special kind of rod?

Please provide instructions on how I should do this, or point me in the right direction.