I had a gas lens for my Weldcraft WP-17 torch and clogged the screen with spatter due to inexperience, so I ordered a replacement off eBay.

The replacement lens screws into the threads fine, but the taper at the back of the lens is different and doesn't seat fully into the insulator, leaving about a 1/16" gap between the rear of the threads and the insulater. The problem is that the collet won't close on the tungsten on the new gas lens. I measured the thick part of the tapers on the old and new lenses. The new one that doesn't fit is 0.030 larger in diameter.

I have an inquiry in to the vendor to learn their thoughts, but I'm waiting to hear. Have others encountered this before? Is this an odd size gas lens / defective gas lens? Do you have to match the insulator to the brand of gas lens that you're using rather than the torch? (I would think not, but I don't know). Is the insulator flexible enough that you just screw it in until the collet will work or will this break the insulator?