Yesterday I started learning how to use my brand new Dynasty 200 DX. I am a beginner in Tig welding.

So I started the welding machine after making all the connections properly... and after a few attempts of creating and arc in HF mode I got the HELP-1 Error on the display.

I did look at the user manual and I got a little bit scared because it tells me to take the machine to service.

I turned off and then I restarted again, to see if the problem was on the machine or was something related to my lack of experience.

Finally, I have discovered that if I push the torch trigger and for example the torch is far away from the work piece, them the arc can not start and then the error code appears again. If I try on a correct distance then the arc starts correctly and no error code is displayed.

So my question, is this normal or should I take the welder to service?

Thank you.