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    I agree that the brackets look to be strong enough. As said I would weld a plate to the frame about twice as long as the bracket. Then weld the bracket to the plate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtimer View Post
    The side walls of the chevy frames are not all that thick. I would weld a doubler to the frame and then weld the bracket to it. Larry
    I am guessing that you don't plan to take any of these out onto salted roads in the winter time but I was wondering what product, design or procedure (if any) are you planning to use or would recommend to stop the corrosion that is likely already under way on the frame and is likely to continue between the doubler plate and the original frame? Or do you think it will never be a problem?

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    it looks to me like the part of the bracket that comes down is not the same thickness as the one that mounts to the frame if it were mine i would use those as a pattern and make some the same thickness as the U shaped one and box it in and make a gusset on top of the U shaped bracket out of square tubing . you mentioned looks are not that important some day you might want to sell this thing and that is the stuff people look at to see how well something is built . we are not talking much work here just a little more time . good luck let us know what you figure out . chris

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