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    Default Homemade Fume Extractor For About $100

    I'm tired of the smoke from my welding practice getting all over everything in my garage (not to mention my lungs!). I try to keep the garage door open about a foot or two and use a little fan but the smoke still gets all over everything and my feet get kinda cold on those really cold days.

    The fume extractors I’ve seen online are pretty expensive and their cfm’s are not all that good for the money. I've been checking Craigslist for one for a while with no luck so I decided to build my own fume extractor today.
    I used 3 50cfm bathroom fans for a total of 150cfm. I bought the cheapest ones I could find - $13.97 each at Home Depot. I wired them in series and installed an on/off switch. I made a manifold to vent them all together and used a 4" enlarger/reducer for the exhaust (the fans have 3 inch outlets). I made a bracket to attach the unit to my Stronghand Tools Nomad welding table. I made the bracket removable so I could detach it whenever I want to. The whole project cost me $93 + tax. I did some stick and flux-core welding today for about 2 hrs. and it worked great – better than I had hoped. What a pleasure it is to weld without all that smoke!

    I haven’t decided whether or not to put a filter on it. I exhausted it outside today and it was no problem at all, but if I filtered it, I should be able to keep the garage door closed in the winter and not have to worry about the fumes.

    Any comments pro or con would be appreciated…
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