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    lanherbert, I typically use 316L on all my stainless, 304,309 & 316L,

    Weldonwelding, Your right about the filler metal thing, Thats why sinks that are welded into counter tops have a bad habit of dropping out.

    One thing that no one mentioned and thats to use the biggest cup you can stand.
    Using a small cup and turning your pressure up to compensate creates problems.

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    The food grade container should be weld very careful. It can be done by using a high-grit
    abrasive within the range of 150-220. It can be identified by its short, parallel lines which
    runs the length of the material.

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    Hi mate, this is my first post here.

    I work the station outages mostly but I did spend about 4 years just doing food grade stuff, in the uk it was all 316 on every job I was on , some of the flanges and unions were 304 sometimes . All Pipework here is purged and welded without wire but on brackets and other fabrications we normally just use 316 wire on everything if I remember correctly ?

    Dont listen to folk saying (if you need to ask the job is not for you)
    That makes me laugh

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    Default food grade stainless

    Where in the uk u from boiler rat?

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