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My local welding supplier gave me a total price -- with the spool gun and the TIG outfit -- that was about $70 higher than the best price I could find online. It was basically the sales tax he had to charge. But, I decided I felt better about buying it from a local company, especially if I have problems in the future. It arrived at the supplier 2 days after I ordered it and he called me to tell me it was ready. Drove down the road to pick it up (about 4 miles) and he loaded it on the back of my truck. Then he loaded on a 10lb spool of MIG wire, a package of TIG 'wire', a 1lb spool of aluminum wire, a full cylinder of argon and one of Argon/CO2. I said how much for all that?? He said, don't worry about it, it's stuff you need to get started. I said the only thing you didn't give me was stick electrodes, thank you so much!! He said you're right and went in and got a 10lb box of 7012. I was only kidding because I am taking a welding class at the local votech (thanks to the VA's VRAP program) and the only thing I have done so far is stick. I think it worked out better paying the higher price and buying locally!!
If that is the sort of service you get from your local welding supplier, I'd be a customer there for life if I were close by.
I bought a MM252 a few months ago along with 10lbs of wire and the welder cover and the shop I drove 45 miles to wouldn't even throw in a cheap container of nozzle dip (I purchased it). A couple grand spend and not a single freebe.
Retailers around here don't realize how much business they loose due to service sometimes. When I buy an auto-darkening hood later this year, I will be buying online since what is the point of paying sales tax if the service is not there.