Well, went back in and had a talk with them, at least with the office mgr. Found out a few interesting things, one was that due directly to my little 'situation' we had, they implemented a new training program for the guys in the yard on how to write up tickets, as well as they are going to be opening up this spring a new 'drops shop' in the front of the place, which is cool, no more issues with mispriced stuff. This wasn't because of me, they had that in the works for months now.

The downside of that, which really bums me out, is that they are closing the back shop to customers. I've always been amazed that I could walk thru their prod shop and pick out steel to buy right off the shelves. I guess I have been living in the lawyer infested world too long now, and have been brainwashed into seeing liability issues everywhere. I am going to miss that.

We talked about what happened that day last week, and came to an understanding that it was pretty much a misunderstanding. We talked about the piece that I was interested in, and it still came to $70, 35 of it was the cut. I said for now I'd pass, and once the snow melts out there I will take a look around for a shorter piece that may not need to be cut.

We talked about pricing, she said the owner explained it to her as she should think of it like she was selling bologna at a deli. If you want a small slice or a full loaf, it is the same price per lb. I agreed, but then said that if the bologna was a little end piece that was getting old, they'd probably sell it to a pig farmer for less, and at least get something out of it before it went bad (i.e. sending the pipe out to scrapped). Not a perfect analogy, but she understood and agreed, but said it wasn't her decision, and that's what she had to do. I said no worries, that was cool. I'd just keep my eyes open for a piece that more closely fit my needs, and avoid the cut chg.

All in all it worked out fine, no bridges burnt or hard feelings, and I will still buy stuff from them when it works for both of us.