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Here is the right side of the handle. The welds are on the back side, out of view.

If I weld around the pipe perimeter I will have to do a lot of grinding that may affect the shape of the angle and would only add work and be less attractive. I would find it very difficult to access the inner areas.
My preferred version of that would still be to put the tube on the other side of the angle where I could easily reach it to grind(could be that I have tools you don't?). To weld it as it is in your photo I would knock the corner off the pipe with the grinder so it would fit tight to the angle and run a bead on about 1/3rd of the perimeter on the bottom and whatever I could manage across the top on the other leg of the angle. I don't know exactly how much you are going to pull around with this but unless you turn green and really bulk up when you get angry(turn into the Hulk) you won't be able to pull those two welds off. The welds should then be easy to reach for grinding and if your fit is good the paint will cover the seam on the rest, if not bondo it. Or you could cut the upper leg of the angle back to the center off the tube and weld it there and radius the other leg of the angle to match the tube radius and weld. Also easy to finish I think.