I recently welded up a handle for my first welding cart. It consistes of a tube welded between two short lengths of angle that will be welded to one side of the cart. The welds are out of sight on the underside of the assembly. I am confident that the welds will be sufficient to handle any loads they will encounter.

I did not weld entirely around the edge of the tube though, because the tube diameter is the same as the angle web dimension (I think it is 1 1/2 inches). Some of the welds would stick out and be difficult to grind smooth and I might grind away some of the angle itself making it look bad. There are still gaps between the end of the tube and angle web.

Should I fill the gap with a weld or should I fill it with something like Bondo? I will be painting it anyway. I would need to use a rotary burr to get into the tight spaces to grind the welds smooth.