Hi! I have had a miller dynasty for over 2 years now, and im trying to get myself a good set up in my shed for hobby work. Im insulating and running wire as of now, so before i close up the walls i want to have everything wired and ready to go. I will mainly be tig welding aluminum, but id also like to pick myself up my own mig machine. I also work on Atv's and motorcycles in here and every so often will run them. From what i've read tig doesnt produce fumes on its own, but from contaminants. Basicly i want some advice on what size exhaust(CFM wise) i should go with. In the summer if im mig welding ill open the double doors, but in the winter id like to be warm. My welding space is a 12x9x8. Two single pane windows and a double door. I was going to pick up a broan 180 CFM fan, but im not 100% sure its sized for the job.
Thanks for your help and time,