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    Quote Originally Posted by MMW:302710
    Quote Originally Posted by Amc724 View Post
    Think about it like this.....
    if your help wasn't there, who would grind, move steel, roll up, etc.... You and at what rate?

    Charge the customer for the helpers time the same as yours.
    Chances are if it was you doing the grunt work you would be doing it faster/better than a helper. That's why you get paid more. I agree a helper should be at a lower rate.

    As a customer why would I want to pay the same rate for a helper as an experienced pro?
    Exactly what I was thinking
    Id say half of my going hourly rate for the helper should be fair enough.
    I mean I'm doing all the critical layouts
    Welding. Fitups and decisions.
    While the help. Does take a beating. Grinding cutting.
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    Default hr / Rate per helper

    I charge the same rate for a helper. If its a 2 man job, I charge for 2 men. If its a 1 man job I only charge 1 man. I don't get the luxury of doing hourly work though. My customers want it cut and dry, price per job.

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    Hey Guys,
    In regards to billing out helpers, I look at them as general labourers. In Toronto a non union labourer gets billed at $55/hour. Time and material jobs are few and far between so the labour cost is always included in a lump sum price. I always send a helper on jobs, usually 1 helper for 2 welders. Most importantly they are there as fire watch, all my guys are trained in fire extinguisher training and fire watch protocols.

    At the end of the day never feel bad about charging too much for a helper, the companies you are billing are usually making money hand over fist. As well, never let their stories of "losing money" affect your hourly rate or billing. If they are actually losing money its not your problem. Welding is a very specialized trade, bill your time and skill accordingly and make yourself a very healthy living.

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