I recently purchased a Millermatic 211, and also got the spoolmate 100 spool gun to try some aluminum welding. The welder works awesome on the steel projects i have done, but i cant seem to get the spoolgun to work like i want. I have a hard time getting a puddle to form, the wire seems to burn up before it hits the metal. I have tried the settings recommened on the machine, and tried extreme settings but it doesnt seem to change much. When i leave the wire out about 3/4", it seems to just dissapear when i pull the trigger. I used .030 5356 wire at first, but switched to .030 4043, which seems to be better in that i can sort of leave a bead, but still cant see a puddle or wire, just a glow. I am using 100 % argon gas. I am trying to weld 1/8" thick aluminum sheetmetals and sqare tubing. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.