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    Dec 2009

    Default Equipment to sell

    Hello to all,

    I have Miller equipment to sell. I have a Miller Trail Blazer 302 with 24 hours of used time only. Asking $ 4500.00 OBO

    I have a Miller Suitcase Extreem. Asking $ 1800.00 OBO

    I have an XMT304. Asking $ 1000.00 Firm

    I have a Miller R-115 wire feeder. Asking $ 1500.00 OBO

    I'm in Los Angeles, CA If any body is interested let me know. All my equipment is in very good condition.

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    Feb 2012

    Default Equipment to sell

    Too far for me. Model numbers and serial numbers would help. Is TB a efi model if not its a hundred or so higher than Cyber weld

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    Jul 2012

    Default Equipment to sell

    Prices are too high

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    Oct 2004
    Edmonton, Alberta


    The XMT 304 working is a good price, the rest of it, I can get new off the shelf cheaper. and thats in Canada.

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    Dec 2012
    Sweetwater, TX


    Are you looking to sell local or will you ship to Texas?

    How old is the XMT 304 you have for sale? Welder only or anything with it?

    Has the XMT had any repairs done to it, any known issues?

    Were you the original owner?

    Got a picture of the XMT?

    Sorry for all the questions, my main use would be DC tig and DC stick. If the mig stuff is easy to find for it then I would use it for the mig as well.

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    To go along with everyone else,
    i just bought a refurbished trailblazer 325 with efi and excel with 0 hours for $4780 shipped.....

    If the Xmt is cc/cv model single phase, that's a decent price.

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    Jan 2012
    Appleton, Wisconsin U.S.A.

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