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    Default can't see the puddle mig welding

    I'm not really mig welding that much as of right now but have tried it a few times in class. We're mostly stick welding but can also mig if we want. The times that I've tried it it seems like I'm just having to guess where the puddle is because the gun is in the way. Am I just holding it at the wrong angle or is it something that I just have to get used to? Any advice is appreciated.

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    All you have to do is move your head to a position where you can see the puddle, not right behind the gun. Most MIG guns are less than 1" wide so there is plenty of space either side to be able to see the puddle.

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    Default can't see the puddle mig welding

    Alright, thank you. I guess I just haven't moved to the right position yet.

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    Default can't see the puddle mig welding

    Adjust your cup depth to arc length you need so u can keep a exceptable distance between cup & puddle this also will help.
    If I want a tight arc or my wire & work require it I keep the tip flush with cup, that keeps cup away from puddle enough to see with a little adjustment of head eye angle.
    Likewise if need longer arc or hold off then I use longer cup to recess tip depending on wire & material etc.
    It is different than stick but a little practice & you'll be able to see fine. Hope helps.

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    Are you pulling (dragging) the gun or pushing? I have a hard time too when I'm pulling. While pushing there is no problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kvwall View Post
    Are you pulling (dragging) the gun or pushing? I have a hard time too when I'm pulling. While pushing there is no problem.
    +1, too.

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    Default can't see the puddle mig welding

    Thanks guys, I tried it again today and just moved my head and the gun around. I can see fairly well when I tilt the gun to the side and move my head. Then I can see the wire and the puddle. I just gotta practice some more because the welds don't look all that pretty. Im really trying to get good at stick first (going pretty well) but I'd like to get some more experience with mig and hopefully some tig too.

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