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    Quote Originally Posted by Broccoli1 View Post

    Just reading the first article from the link you shared. It clearly states the welders are lame and the company hires people who don't know how to control their heat and blow thru's I've several times welded .020 aluminum with not one issue. The idea behind this pulse welding is so that the employer can hire people that don't know much about welding thin metals and pay a low wage. The metal in that article was no thinner than .080. If one can't weld that crap and not have a blowout maybe they should look for a new career. Jmo

    I was only stating my opinion not bashing the OP. Sorry to offend any of you guys that was not my intent.

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    You just gotta laugh when you get a "Professional" welder on here that has to give his opinion on something he knows nothing about.

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