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    Quote Originally Posted by Bistineau View Post
    Spray it with some soapy water to better check for leaks, watch for bubbles.
    is that better than sticking it in a bucket of water like the video

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    YES, it will show up the smallest leak that may not be as obvious just being submerged in water. There is a surface tension in clean water and the soap breaks it down so the bubbles show up better. I had 2 tires that would leak down over about a 2 week period, low pressure 12 PSI tires, lawnmower. Water did not show where the leak was, I sprayed it with soapy water(after airing up the tire to 12PSI) and the whole tread area turned to foam from the very minute pinholes(thousands of them). I added SLIME the green stuff, and used the tires a few more years, no leaks for awhile.

    Try this for a demonstration. Take a bowl of clean tap water and shake some black pepper over the surface of the water. Then take a bar of soap and touch the water on one side of the bowl. The pepper will move to the opposite side of the bowl away from the soap. The surface tension of the water was broken down by the soap. See if this works for YOU.

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    I use these for everything I love them they work great they never leak there not cheap but u only buy them once and good for life plus they are wide open full flow also work great on big air tools.

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    I am going with Joe calweld here. 2 things, simple is good, after a while one learns they dont need to add every gadget they ever invented to it and I want a screwed tightened fitting here like 99% of the rest of the world uses, no additional pieces with additional cost.

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