Hey friends, let me start out by saying that this is strictly a cash side job that takes place on days off and before i head in to weld for the man on 2nd shift.

Currently working on the side out of my 2003 Pathfinder and a 8ft utility trailer w, a home made rack. Millermatic 140, Diversion 180, and an array of DeWalt cordless and non power tools. I would love to upgrade to a pickup and something engine driven multi process, but just dont have the $. No way of getting it either. However what i do have has made light duty round railings, small repairs, and some light fab work.

I eat, sleep, and breathe welding. Im only 24, but i just love it..something about pushin a good puddle behind my Miller Elite is just so relaxing. Got bit by the bug in 9th grade and now work at a local sheet metal fab shop mig&tig&grinding., and also attend a tech school outside of Boston. My goal is eventually to get to the point alot of you guys are at. But in the meantime i would love any advice on my mini rig. positive and negative feedback is ok.

So for all you seasoned vets.. any pointers for a young hardworkin kid with a lot of passion for the trade? Gotta start somewhere.