Personally I don't have all that much use for that fancy finger work for trying to advance the filler rod. Not saying I don't ever use some of it in certain situations but 90+% of the time what I do is back off the foot pedal slightly and let the rod freeze to the puddle and then slide my hand back and re-grip it. then back down on the pedal and on ward with the welding progression.

One thing to remember is that ever time you take the hot end of the filler rod to far a way from the puddle and get it out side the gas shielding envelope it oxidizes. Then when you stick it back in the puddle you've added that oxide to your weld. Not a real big deal on carbon steel usually but it's not something you want to get in the habit of doing on a lot of other things.

As far as technique for how the filler rod gets added to the puddle, where ever I can get a way with doing so I like to get the filler rod hooked to the leading edge of the puddle and keep it hooked up there with out doing the intermittent daubing thing. You have to keep a steady pressure feeding the filler rod to the puddle and that's controlled by how fast you can move down the joint and how hot you can run.