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    Default Welding Trailer - My version

    trailer #1.jpgtrailer #2.jpgSo here is my version of a welding trailer. (in progress) It has my TB275 and 2 bluestar 6000's. I am going to add a few lead holders, and maybe tie a material rack into that. I also want to add a metal fuel tank so that when I am onsite, I can just pump the gas from the tank (34 gallons) into whichever machine needs fuel. I hate having to leave site to go get fuel.This setup will be used for joist and deck whenever I need to have a crew welding down decking. Mostly single story buildings around here.
    I am also thinking of adding some "D" rings to it, so that we could lift it onto a roof if we needed to.

    So give me your opinions/ideas/thoughts/suggestions.......
    trailer #1.jpgtrailer #2.jpg

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    Do you have any pictures to post?

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    lol. I thought I posted them... Ill try again in the morning. They are on my PC at the office.

    Okay. I just added the pictures.

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    Maybe have the fuel pump able to be powered by any of the 3 machines if it's a electric pump, or better yet have a manual pump for the 34 gallon tank. That might be safer, no chance of stray sparking igniting a fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bistineau View Post
    Maybe have the fuel pump able to be powered by any of the 3 machines if it's a electric pump, or better yet have a manual pump for the 34 gallon tank. That might be safer, no chance of stray sparking igniting a fire.

    I was thinking of that, I think I will put a manual pump on the auxiliary tank.

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    Well, we got most of the fabrication done (all of it for now). Here are a few pics. Ill take more after I get some paint on it.
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    Default bluestar question

    The 6000 is basically the same as the current 185, mostly just different plugs. What rod do you normally use with them? Do they run 1/8" 7018 ok?

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    Default Decking

    You need a (crew) to weld decking? Thats a one man/machine job. We have 3 man crew 2 shaking decking one welding and we can deck out 7–10000sq ft in a day and thats goofing off. What is your crew deck welding with? 6022? Use straight polarity 250 amps, if your on small joists turn down to about 200. 6010 (red rods) at 200 amps straight polarity and ive yet to find a deck welder to keep pace with me. Doesn't sound like your doing tremendously huge buildings. They drag me one set of leads out and i stay right with the two dragging the decking. Another way to speed things up is to put uplift bridging in, put 3 sheets of decking down weld them straight then set your bundle up there. Right before you get to where you have to bridge two welders can actually sit on edge of deck and just reach over hold bridging in place and weld it. Saves your butt from sitting on those skinny joists

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    I posted a few pics. One of the machines is off in the pic, we will put it back on later. Now all I have to do is wire up the lights.

    **** beamwalker, you can do 7-10000 sq.ft. in a day? Maybe I need to hire you on my crew.
    Currently the conditions are 6013 rod (i think.Its black welding rod) reverse polarity (positive ground) running 120-130 amps. Joist are 28K6 and 30K7. spans are 40-60ft. Decking is 1 1/2" type B 22ga. weld pattern in 36/7. approx 11000 sq.ft of decking. We are kinda new to the joist and deck aspect of things. We are mainly structural (beams and columns) But I will gladly accept any and all advice you are willing to share.

    deafman, the bluestar 6000 it a great little machine for us. its highly portable, and weld constant 8 hours all the time. just keep up with maintenance we have 2 of them now, and the cost to operate them is lower than the cost of a trailblazer. It can run up to about 185 amps, but we stay around 130. Our main rod is 1/8" 7018. The machines can burn 5/32" 7018, but they struggle a bit with it.
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