The guy figured to have a monster bill, I had itt about half with a good patch and as I suspected they never used it anyway. In many cases even ugly welding works, I will see if I can find a couple more pics of this but I was the second guy on this job. The first had some good ideas and suffecient design etc but was simply not good enough welder to reach in some odd place with poor acess and out of position, the thing was dirty, was really hard and the design requirement was a real weld, it would have worked but this was the point he gave upand quit, tacked some pieces in, weld one side where he could see a bit easy and stop.

I did a rework job last summer somewhat the same way, the guy got a couple boogers and berries on a plate that would have withstood half a chance had a good weld across the end had been installed. It wa under a machine with limited head room, they should have taken it apart, head twisted around at 3/4 angle, machine too cold.