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    Default Sheet Metal Welding with Stick Questions

    This is probably a stupid questions, but is it possible to weld thin sheet metal with a stick welder without making a mess?

    I've got a Miller Dialarc HF and it is set-up for stick (maybe TIG one of these days) and have considered using this welder for welding mower decks - 11 to 12 gage thickness.

    But as a broader question, is welding sheet metal more about heat zone control and that is where MIG is better?

    According to the manual, it looks like on the lowest end of the dial, the amperage is about 10 amps???

    If it is possible to stick weld with such low amperage outputs, are you closing in on the heat zone control of a MIG welder and with it the ability to weld 11, 12 or thinner sheet metal?

    Take my observations with a BIG grain of salt as I'm not a welder, just a hack with a nice Miller.

    But if practice made perfect and I could get this welder to weld thin sheet metal without making a mess of things, I could save some $$$'s and floor space and just use this welder for everything from sheet metal to thicker bar stock type stuff.

    Any thoughts, tips, tricks for welding sheet metal with this machine would be appreciated.

    Miller Dialarc HF

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    Yes, it is possible just have to use a 3/32 rod or smaller. With a 3/32 you have to move quickly and no gaps.
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    Check out Lincoln Fleetweld 35, 37, 47 pick the rod you think is right for your job.

    Tip: turn the work so you can make the weld down hand.

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    I picked up some little tiny rods from the harbor freight just to see what they would do.

    I was surprised with sheet metal in the flat position what a good looking bead they made.

    But tried them on 1/8 in vertical and made a mess. It actually looked like it was going to be a decent weld but under the slag was pretty much nothing.

    Seems they run at 30 to 50 amps. Maybe ok for a mower deck.

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    I was at the local welding shop picking up some tig torch parts and saw a display on the counter. It was for these little multipurpose rods. They were designed to run real low amps. some german type of rod. I'll swing by and check them out and let you know what they were. You can run 'em ac or dc and the guy behind the counter was impressed with how well they ran. I was pretty skeptical but it might be worth looking into!
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    Set the machine as low as it will go then try to strike an arc. Turn the dial up gradually until an arc is easy to strike without the rod sticking to your work.

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