"Best and Most comfortable" is almost no contest IMO. Tillman's "super premium" elkskin gloves are the top of their line.
750, 850, or 875 Onyx (pretty much the black version of an 850).

Been welding for 20+ years and they're the nicest gloves I have found. because they are considered a premium product, they can be a bit hard to find at most LWS's. I usually get the 875L's for $22 a pair shipped so they aren't terribly expensive. They are soft as butter, but they wear pretty well. I usually get six months out of a pair. For comfort, nothing beats them. The only area where cowhide performs better than elk skin is puncture resistance. Elk skin does not shrink/harden from heat like cowhide does - it will stay soft. They are marketed as a stick welding glove but I wear them for everything. I even use one on my torch hand when I do high amp TIG. They have very good dexterity/feel for a stick welding glove. If you tend to burn up left gloves only, The 750 is available in left only from some places (you can buy a single glove).

My general purpose go-to glove for grinding and other stuff is the Tillman 1350. they're cheap but relatively durable. No elastic so they are easy on, easy off. For $10, I don't mind tearing them up.

No I don't work for Tillman. I agree that their tig welding glove quality has gone south. Their top-tier product line is still very good though.